February 28, 2015 

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Tennessee Bar Application Specialists!

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Exam Duration:2 days
Day One:Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) - 200 Multiple-Choice Questions
Day Two:12 Essay Questions
Grading:If (1) MBE score is 125-129, you must pass 9 out of 12 essays; (2) MBE score is 130-134, must pass 8 out of 12 essays; (3) If MBE score is 135+, must pass 7 out of 12 essays.
Scores Released:Summer: mid-October; Winter: mid-April
MPRE Requirement:75

Information Gathering.
We can provide all of the background data needed for the bar application quickly and easily.
Problem with the Bar?
Find a lawyer in your state that specializes in representing students and lawyers before the bar.

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